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Improving Life Chances 


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2020 - 2021  
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October 2021 
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2021 - 2022 
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Reading Progress Report 
2021 - 2022 


Kent Police launched an initiative to allow children the opportunity to promote an anti-knife crime message in their own way. This initiative was opened up to every school in Kent as a competition and every school was invited to submit entries which would then be considered with a view to 6 individual prizes and one overall prize being awarded. 
One of our pupils won an individual prize for this anti-knife crime poem: 
A Missed Opportunity 
Just like that, potential was extinguished 
Just for the chance to be distinguished 
All it took was one thrust of the blade 
One life ended, one ruined, an unfair trade 
One family in mourning, one family in decay 
Two parents forever scarred, two parents forever in dismay 
One child never to be seen 
Vanished, like they had never been 
But no matter what, the human race carries on 
With a hollow void and some of its potential gone 

Our pupils won the overall winning entry with their inspirational interpretation of the Knife Angel  

We are resolute that our pupils will benefit from a high quality education. 

To achieve excellent learning goals the school also recognises that children are likely to need additional therapeutic and social support in order for them to thrive in their later lives. We intend that our pupils will leave us having developed academically and having developed as people. 
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